Case Study

9-5/8” TurboCaser™,Third of Six Wells, Middle East

Deep Casing Tools 9-5/8 TurboCaser™ was successfully deployed in January 2022 to the Middle East for a national oil company where it was required to help batch drill 12-1/4” sections within a historically problematic field. This was the third of six onshore wells to be batch drilled. The TurboCaser™ was RIH with the 9-5/8” casing, landing the string to target depth and successfully pumping and setting cement for drill out of next hole.

The Challenge

The faulted and interbedded nature of the field could lead to issues running the casing to required section at target depth.

The Solution

⦁ A DCT 9-5/8” TurboCaser™ (TCE958) was deployed to assist running the 9-5/8” casing to target depth. This gave the client the ability to ream past any formation problems such as ledges, sloughing and/or cuttings build up, maximising the client’s potential of reaching the planned casing point.

⦁ The 9-5/8” TurboCaser™ has a proven record for rapidly drilling out, reducing costly NPT. Time taken to drill-out on average is 20 minutes.

⦁ The Turbocaser™ has a low-pressure signature making it the safest option while giving the casing the best possible chance to reach TD.

⦁ DCT’s pre-job hydraulic modelling allowed the client to operate the Turbocaser™ within a safe pressure window

The Result

  • The section was completed successfully.
  • Encountered multiple hole issues during RIH. The activation of the TurboCaser™ was required and reamed successfully to section at target depth.
  • The TurboCaser™ reamed 1,168ft over a period of 9 hours.
  • The collective pre-planning and communication between DCT and the client was significant in achieving the ultimate goal of reaching target depth.
  • Client was so impressed; he wants to use the TurboCaser™ in all batch drilled sections.