Case Study

MechLOK-R Swivels 24 Hours andSuccessfully Lands Lower Completion

The Background

  • Multi-lateral well located oshore Norway
  • Screen drop-o in 2,784m of horizontal open hole 
  • High frictions in previous wells indicated conventional tripping would not get screens to target depth 
  • Swivel required to enter the horizontal open hole 
  • Release lateral liner top with pressure

The Result

  • Successfully swivelled to deploy the lower screens to target depth in one run
  • 1,300m+ of screens placed across the production zone, in first drop-o
  • MechLOK-R swivel operated for over 24 hours gaining 1,800m of sandface production 
  • Utilisation of the MechLOK-R swivel above the screens resulted in an average weight gain of 63 ton 
  • Second drop-o completed with 7 hours of swivelling to target depth 
  • Lateral liner top released with pressure (ball drop) – MechLOK-R swivel does not interfere with string hydraulics