Case Study

Multi-lateral Well Project

Major North Sea operator deploys single Deep Casing Tools MechLOK™ DP Swivel & NOV i-Con™ Data Monitoring Sub in multi-lateral well.


The MechLOK™ DP Swivel assisted in the deployment of three screen drop-off runs in a horizontal, highly tortuous multi-lateral project.

• Max length – lateral 1: 12,926ft – 90 deg inc.

• Max length – lateral 2: 11,066ft – 90 deg inc.

• Max length – lateral 3: 11,197ft – 90 deg inc.


• 5½” MechLOK™, w/XT57 connections.

• Fully mechanically lockable with left-hand rotation, the MechLOK™ is the world’s first and only fully mechanical drill pipe swivel.

• Tools can be rotated both ways in compression.

• Rotation to the right in tension can transmit torque through the MechLOK™ allowing the ability to ride the completion over an obstruction or ledge. Returning to compression reverts the tool back to swivel mode.


• No hydraulic impedance to other pressure sensitive equipment.

• The same MechLOK™ tool was utilized on all three laterals. This has the potential to save time, cost, and carbon emissions by simply unlocking by hand on rig.

• DCT’s partnership with NOV allowed the MechLOK™ to be run in conjunction with the i-Con™ data monitoring sub. This provided a technical advantage to equivalent technologies in the market coupling enhanced deployment of the lower completion with accurate downhole data