Case Study

Rubblizer™ Saves456 Hours Rig Time

Within the Chinese oshore P&A and Slot Recovery market, the Rubblizer™ tool was run for a 4th time. Successful completion of all four runs since July this year has saved the operator 19 days rig time, completing the operations in a total of just 4 days compared to the 23 days it would have taken conventional pilot or section milling operations. This has helped reduce time in the red zone and multiple BHA handing requirements.

The Challenge

In one of their largest fields, a major Chinese Operator underwent a slot recovery project in June 2022.

Rig operational limits on overpull and OF 74% cement located behind casing made the attempt at pulling casing challenging. If the operator was unable to recover casing the contingency option was to pilot mill down to the required depth from surface. To avoid this the Rubblizer™ was mobilised.

The Solution

Across all four runs the Rubblizer™ was utilised to break the cement sheath and bond, allowing longer sections of casing to be recovered whilst reducing the force required to recover these sections of casing.

Using the Rubblizer™ meant that the operational pull force limits, set by the company representative, were not exceeded during the casing recovery process, enabling casing on deck after each run

The Result