Well abandonment and slot recovery are increasingly important in the oil & gas industry – and efforts to carry out these operations are being hampered by the capability of conventional tools. Against this background, we have designed and developed the Rubblizer™ to make casing recovery more efficient and more cost-effective – and we are in the process of developing a full casing recovery system.


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Our award-winning Rubblizer™ tool supports sustainable P&A activity. This industry first significantly reduces rig time, with trial results showing that up to 60% less force is required to pull a casing following a run with the tool.

It uses simple pressure and rotation to manipulate the existing casing strings, breaking down the bond between cement and casing. This makes it easier to remove the casing quickly and efficiently.

Even on challenging wells, the Rubblizer™ can reduce operation time from 25 days to 12.5 days.

Key benefits:

  • Greater efficiency and success rates compared to cut & pull and perf & wash
  • Saves approximately 10 days per project and increases economic recovery of reserves
  • Enables better casing pulling and more effective perf & wash
  • Enables longer sections of casing to be pulled reducing trips in and out of the hole
  • Avoids the need for costly milling operation and subsequent lost time issues
  • Rental product
  • Part of a wider Casing
  • Recovery System – coming soon
  • 3000MT CO2 emissions saved per project on a typical offshore platform
  • 700MT CO2 emissions saved per project on a typical offshore semi-submersible platform
  • 300MT CO2 emissions saved per project on a typical land rig

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For over a decade, Deep Casing Tools has been helping oil and gas companies drill more successful wells. We’ve developed a range of simple, sustainable and proven technologies that provide a complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle, helping our customers reduce time, cost, risk and emissions.



As wells are becoming deeper and longer, with extended horizontal sections, our customers are finding that wiper trips, open hole exposure, and pressure spikes are all adding up to more flat time, potential equipment damage and unnecessary costs.


Deep Casing Tools offers a number of technologies that have been designed to help deliver efficient, cost effective well completion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through significant project time savings.


Our unique philosophy of ‘simple sustainable innovation’ is all about developing technologies that are designed to meet the needs of our customers and deliver better results every time. With over 40 patents for current and future technologies, our proprietary products help to reduce operating time, risk and CO2 emissions across a broad range of market applications.