Deep Casing Tools Announces New ISO Certification

8 November 2019

At Deep Casing Tools we continue to demonstrate our commitment to quality across the business with the announcement of the successful transition from our 2008 ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) to the latest 2015 revision, which was certified by Lloyd’s Register in June 2018.

Deep Casing Tools’ ISO QMS has been developed as a standardised platform which is used not only to plan and operate the business, but also to structure the business strategy.

The changes to the QMS go a long way towards supporting our strategy of ensuring we meet customers’ requirements, whilst consistently improving performance and efficiency.

Deep Casing Tools has embraced the new standard, which brings a wealth of benefits to our business, and to those of our customers.

Led by CEO David Stephenson, the management system’s development has involved all personnel throughout the business. We are collectively motivated towards demonstrating strong leadership and achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

The 2015 revision has introduced a risk-based approach. This ensures that we manage risk, and also identify business opportunities throughout our processes in a structured manner.

It also ensures that Deep Casing Tools’ QMS is aligned with our objectives through continuous improvement and innovation. Only by effectively measuring our own company’s performance can we identify and act on issues that affect the company’s ability to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.