Deep Casing Tools Celebrates 10 Years in Saudi Arabia

11 April 2022

This year, Deep Casing Tools celebrate the provision of proven technologies to the Middle East for ten years.

Technology development company Deep Casing Tools have been leaders within their field since establishment in 2008. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, challenging conventional target depth technology by developing and delivering unique, patented downhole solutions for the global energy sector. 

In 2012, four years after establishment, Deep Casing Tools expanded their offerings to the Middle East, deploying the TurboCaser™, a high speed, turbine-powered casing running system, to successfully land casings at target depth for a national oil company (NOC). Since then, the company have continued to meet the demands of operators within the area.  

Kevin Robertson, Regional Manager ME at Deep Casing Tools said, “This year Deep Casing Tools mark a milestone in the development of the company as we celebrate a decade of the supply of proven technologies in Saudi Arabia. Demand for our tools since 2012 in the Middle East has been ongoing, in recent months we’ve seen a sharp rise following the Covid 19 pandemic. Deep Casing Tools continue to service such high-level demands professionally, delivering tools that meet our customers’ expectations across multiple well operations in the Middle East.”

As well as the Middle East, Deep Casing Tools also service operators, within the energy sector, globally including areas within Europe, America, and Asia. 

Eoin Wood, Sales and Marketing Manager at Deep Casing Tools, shares his thanks, “I would like to say thank you to all clients located in not only in the Middle East but worldwide for their continued support since 2008. Your support and encouragement have enabled a small business to become what it is today, a leading technology development company in the industry. Our simple, sustainable, and innovative technologies provide sound solutions that enable operators save time, money, and emissions across multiple projects.”

Today, Deep Casing Tools continue to supply innovative technologies, responding adequately to the industry’s need for unique solutions across the well life cycle and expanding their offerings into decommissioning with the Rubblizer™ tool.       

Kevin discusses his excitement for the tool’s presence in the Middle East, “New regulations and an increase in demand for P&A & Slot Recovery work has generated enormous interest in our Rubblizer™, this is one I’m personally excited about. I believe this is a true game changer in the Middle East market and I look forward to receiving this unique technology here in the region, the tool will benefit our customers hugely, helping operators reduce time, cost as well as CO2 emissions.”

Learn more about Deep Casing Tools and their suite of technologies including the TurboCaser™, TurboRunner™, MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel and newest addition, the Rubblizer™, visit their website, www.deepcasingtools.com.