Deep Casing Tools Launches the MechLOK™-T: A Fully Mechanically Lockable Drill Pipe Swivel

24 May 2023

Deep Casing Tools, global leader in innovative downhole technologies is proud to launch the MechLOK™-T. A fully mechanically lockable drill pipe swivel designed to address friction and buckling challenges encountered typically within long, horizontal extended reach drilling (ERD) wells. This cutting-edge tool enables operators to reach target depths with ease on first attempt, offering enhanced efficiency, reliability, and substantial time and cost savings.   

Independent of hydraulics, the MechLOK™-T can be run on any string where potential problems exist in reaching target depth due to frictional issues. By facilitating rotation above the liner or completion, the tool successfully minimises drag, redistributes friction, and mitigates helical buckling of the work-string. This allows operators to apply increased weight at the tool, helping completions and liners get to target depth in even the most complex of well environments.

Eoin Wood, Sales and Marketing Manager at Deep Casing Tools, expressed his enthusiasm about the MechLOK™-T, stating, “We are proud to introduce the MechLOK™-T to market. Born from the original MechLOK™ drill pipe swivel, its unique patented technology can be locked at any time using a simple, quick, and reliable two-step mechanical locking procedure which is independent of drill string hydraulics. A reliable and efficient solution, it offers global operators’ maximum impact with minimal intrusion saving at least two hours rig time. The tool embodies our commitment to innovation as we continue to develop our swivelling technology in response to our customer requirements.”

The MechLOK™-T has already showcased its many benefits within the industry completing runs within the UK and Norwegian North Sea earlier this year where it successfully combined lower completion deployment with well bore clean up.

Key benefits of the tool:

  1. Fully mechanical: MechLOK™-T operates without the need for hydraulic control, providing operators with the assurance that the tool will perform as intended. The mechanical design eliminates concerns related to hydraulic failures and enables reliable performance.
  2. Independent of hydraulics: MechLOK™-T’s patented technology can be locked at any time using a simple, quick, and reliable two-step mechanical locking procedure, completely independent of drill string hydraulics. This feature offers maximum impact with minimal intrusion, saving at least two hours of rig time and improving operational efficiency.
  3. Swivels in both tension and compression: the tool offers swivelling capabilities in both tension and compression; this versatility enhances operational flexibility and facilitates efficient wellbore advancement.
  4. Versatile application: the tool features a full bore pass-through for balls and darts, eliminating the need for additional components to lock the tool. It can be reused without the need for servicing between runs, and its easy reset mechanism on the rig floor streamlines the overall operational process.
  5. Easy-to-use: MechLOK™-T incorporates an intuitive two-step locking mechanism, ensuring ease of use while maintaining high safety standards. Operators can quickly and securely lock the tool, reducing the number of runs and eliminating the need for dedicated clean-up, further optimising operational efficiency.

Deep Casing Tools continue to respond to the needs of their customers with the further development of their swivel technology. The MeckLOK™-R, a permanent right-hand swivel and permanent left-hand locking tool is soon to be released to market following ongoing discussions with valued Middle East client.