Deep Casing Tools Launches Unique Technology to Market

6 December 2018

The MECHANICALLY LOCKABLE DRILL PIPE SWIVEL has been developed, tested and brought to market by the firm’s in-house engineering team. Using their extensive industry knowledge and experience, the team have created a unique and innovative tool which addresses the challenges inherent in landing completions and liners at target depth.

  • The Drill Pipe Swivel helps unlock reserves in ERD wells
  • 50% quicker than conventional technology
  • 45% of cost savings – up to $450,000 in a typical well

The patented tool has been robustly tested across a range of settings and circumstances. In addition to life and workshop testing, the Drill Pipe Swivel has also been tested in tension, under compression, and under a severe dogleg, and for extended periods of time.

Throughout this process, the drill-string deployed swivel tool has been proven to facilitate reaching target depth in long, horizontal extended reach drilling (ERD) wells. It can be run on any string where there are potential problems in reaching target depth due to torque and drag issues.

The Drill Pipe Swivel incorporates new technology which overcomes these problems. For instance, it enables the drill pipe to be rotated above the liner hanger in an ERD well, which reduces drag, redistributes friction and mitigates helical buckling of the work-string. It also increases the available weight to push completions and liners to target depth in ERD wells, without the conventional need for heavy-weight drill pipe, collars and friction reducing subs.

The Drill Pipe Swivel has been designed to feature a 100% mechanical locking mechanism, to mitigate any hydraulic concerns. It can be locked at any time, and prevented from swivelling immediately, with a simple, mechanical manipulation of the drill-string. Once locked, the tool and string can be rotated to the right or left, in compression or in tension.

The new technology also mitigates the personal injury risk involved in running completions with conventional technology, as less manpower is required on the rig floor.

David Stephenson, CEO of Deep Casing Tools said: “Over the last decade Deep Casing Tools has been at the forefront of challenging the conventions of turbine technology. The launch of our Drill Pipe Swivel reflects our ongoing commitment to developing new, innovative technology which helps our customers enhance their drilling performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

“Our rigorous testing and trialling procedure proves that the unique design and cutting edge-technology of the Drill Pipe Swivel can save operators and service providers both time and money. We have shown that deploying the Drill Pipe Swivel, following our swivel placement service offering, guarantees getting the weight required to push completions or liners to target depth safely, making it quicker and safer than conventional technology, resulting in time and cost savings.

Deep Casing Tools have developed a suite of smart, simple and proven Target Depth Technologies to provide a complete solution across every stage of the drilling and completion cycle, providing significant cost and time efficiencies, as well as minimising risk.