Deep Casing Tools Reaches New Depths Down Under

4 October 2023

Earlier this year Deep Casing Tools, a technology development company, deployed their MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel off Western Australia. The tool performed as per the tool’s robust specification and has secured new opportunities within the area following operation success.

The MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel was deployed in a tri-lateral well off Western Australia in July this year where it took part in the complex deployment of lower sand control completions for a major offshore Australian operator.

The Deep Casing Tools team were involved in the operation from the beginning, contributing highly to the tool’s success. Eoin Wood, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Deep Casing Tools said, “A fantastic run on an extremely complex well. Deep Casing Tools were involved at an early stage participating in high level discussions and playing a key part in this success.”

Eoin also emphasised the importance of the MechLOK™ tools ability to be reset and rerun on the rig floor for this operation, “We were able to use the same MechLOK™ single tool in all 3 deployments, this saved the client logistic time, money, and emissions by negating the need to send tools onshore for redressing.”

The ease to reset this tool is helping operators worldwide reap the rewards especially for multi-lateral wellbore completions where the MechLOK™ continues to reduce rig time and save operators money. The tool also benefits operations in remote locations where shipping tools in and out of country is challenging, use of one MechLOK™ tool eliminates this concern.  

The MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivels success has opened new opportunities within the Australian market with another run to take place in Australia within the next two months. An exciting time for Deep Casing Tools as the company and its technologies continue to help operators drill more successful wells with increased efficiencies.