Deep Casing Tools’ Revolutionary Tool Continues to Serve the Energy Market

9 August 2023

In June this year, Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ tool completed a successful field trial in the Pacific region, saving the major Chinese operator seven days of rig time.

As part of a slot recovery project, the Rubblizer™ tool was deployed to enable 526ft of 9-5/8” 47lb/ft casing to be recovered. It effectively used flow and surface rotation to break the cement bond and its structure, reducing casing anchoring forces and the load required to pull the casing, ensuring longer lengths of casing could be pulled. The Rubblizer™ successfully rubblized the cement behind the 9-5/8” casing, prior to three cuts being made. The 9-5/8” casing was then pulled to surface with pull forces within the safe operating limits of the rig.

Alasdair Gordon, Product Line Manager at Deep Casing Tools said, “The operation went superbly while we supported the operation in China remotely from Aberdeen. This is a major step in showcasing the tools functionality in actual downhole conditions. The field trial was such a success, the client has already requested use of the Rubblizer™ tool in other casing sizes!”

The momentum behind the Rubblizer™ tool shows no sign of stopping as word within the industry spreads. Potential upcoming field trials for a major Emirati operator may commence in the following months as the tool continues its journey to commercialisation. Deep Casing Tools are confident the tool will continue to perform successfully, helping global operators pull casing using less force and save time and money compared to the use of other, conventional technologies.

The availability of new casing sizes is already in development as the team at Deep Casing Tools continue to expand their offerings, responding and meeting the needs of their customers within the energy sector.

Rafael De Villa Santana, Engineering Manager commented, “We have had many requests from customers for the Rubblizer™ in the casing size of 13-3/8”, an addition to the existing 9-5/8”. Currently this is in development and will become widely available within the coming months.”

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