Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ Tool Saves Operator 456 Hours Rig Time

17 January 2023

Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ technology gets ever closer to commercialisation as it completes its 4th run within the Chinese offshore slot recovery and plug and abandonment market totalling 6 field trials to date.

Deep Casing Tools, technology development company headquartered in Westhill Aberdeen pave the way in pioneering slot recovery and plug and abandonment solutions with their Rubblizer™ tool. It continues to successfully reduce emissions through significant time reduction on ongoing field trials.

Last year the Rubblizer™ saved major Chinese operator 456 hours rig time successfully completing 4 runs in just 4 days compared to 23 days it would have taken conventional pilot or section milling operations.

Alasdair Gordon, Product Line Manager – Abandonment and Recovery Systems said, “Major Chinese operator underwent a slot recovery project in June last year, when challenges in pulling casing occurred, they needed the assistance of our Rubblizer™ tool to avoid the need to pilot mill down to the required depth from surface. The Rubblizer™ was mobilised and utilised effectively across all 4 runs to break the cement sheath and bond, allowing longer sections of casing to be recovered whilst reducing the force required to recover these sections of casings.”

Prospects remain positive for the tools journey to commercialisation in 2023 following its successful field trial runs within China last year.

Global Sales and Marketing Manager Eoin Wood comments, “Global operators are witnessing the value our Rubblizer™ tool can bring to ongoing slot recovery and plug abandonment projects. Demand for the tool is on the rise as word of the revolutionary technology spreads within the market. 2023 is already off to a good start with confirmed field trials within the first quarter located in the Middle East and in the North Sea. Momentum is set to continue throughout the year with potentials already on the cards.”

Deep Casing Tools continue to display their commitment and action to help reduce emissions and reach a net zero target. Their Rubblizer™ tool is just one of many within their suite of simple and sustainable innovations across the well life cycle that are helping global operators save time, money, and emissions.

David Stephenson CEO at Deep Casing Tools said, “Changing the future of hydrocarbons and contributing to the net zero objective remains at the forefront of everything we do. Our suite of solutions is designed to ensure casing and completions are landed at target depth on first attempt and our Rubblizer™ continues to support sustainable plug and abandonment and slot recovery, removing casing quickly and efficiently reducing time, money and therefore emissions for our operators.”