Deep Casing Tools Secures Stand at ADIPEC Event

6 September 2021

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Deep Casing Tools have been developing simple, innovative, and sustainable technologies for the oil and gas industry since September 1999. Specialising in design, engineering, manufacturing, and field service execution, Deep Casing Tools deliver a full range of products across the well life cycle, adding value to well construction, well completion, and casing recovery.

David Stephenson, CEO said, “At Deep Casing Tools, our mantra of simple, sustainable innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are a company with a track record of developing simple, innovative tools that play their part in delivering a sustainable oil and gas industry. 

Our technologies are widely used globally in the drilling and completion sectors and will play an important part in the plug and abandon and slot recovery sectors going forward. Offering the Operator, the benefit of predictability, resulting in time and cost savings, and of course reduced carbon emissions.” 

A returning attendee for the fourth time, key members of the Deep Casing Tools team are set to travel to ADIPEC and will be stationed at stand number 3308 across the three days of the event.  

Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Edward Kerr said, “We feel ADIPEC is the clear no. 1 standout exhibition in the Eastern Hemisphere. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to connect with old contacts and generate new ones, not just within Abu Dhabi or the Middle East, but the entire Eastern Hemisphere.”

Deep Casing Tools already have local partners in place for many major target locations across the globe. They explained that their main aim from exhibiting at ADIPEC is to reach the end user, including Operators and major service companies to enable the direct showcasing of the excellent suite of technologies Deep Casing Tools have to offer.

We asked Edward how important the ADIPEC exhibition and Abu Dhabi is to Deep Casing Tools, to which he replied, “We love ADIPEC! It’s the premier networking event to the Eastern Hemisphere and a must attend. Sales leads generated throughout the conference will fuel our 2022 growth plans.”  

This year, Deep Casing Tools expanded their suite of technologies adding the MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel and the ground-breaking Casing Cement Breaker. The world’s first mechanically lockable drill pipe swivel, the MechLOK enables extended reach drilling (ERD) completions and liners to reach target depth, allowing the work string to rotate independently of the completion or liner. This allows optimised transfer of forces to the liner/packer top. The Casing Cement Breaker is a peerless new technology, able to break the cement bond between casing to optimise cut and pull and perf, wash, cement operations for well abandonment and slot recovery.

It is the technology provided by Deep Casing Tools that is making a mark within the oil and gas industry, transforming key growth target sectors such as ERD and decommissioning. Innovative tools including the MechLOK and the TurboCaser are ensuring well production reaches target depth on first attempt assisting ERD and extending the limits of production optimisation. Deep Casing Tools are also playing a huge part within the decommissioning sector, developing technologies such as the award-winning Casing Cement Breaker, effectively contributing to the world’s energy transition as we journey to net zero.   

We asked Edward Kerr how technologies from Deep Casing Tools contribute positively to the industry, “At Deep Casing Tools we develop and deliver technologies which reduce the flat time associated with stuck casing, liners, and completions, helping clients reach target depth first time and on time. Our technologies lower the carbon intensity of well work and are the responsible choice as we transition to a carbon neutral world.”

Global economic growth continues to rise after the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re witnessing an increased demand for oil and natural gas as we reach the end of 2021. This demand is forecasted to continue to rise as we enter 2022. Technology at Deep Casing Tools will continue to respond to these industry needs, aligning their innovation to the energy transition, displaying a clear commitment to help reduce emissions and reach a net zero target.