Deep Casing Tools Supports GEF by Funding Solar Panels

11 October 2019

October marks the Gathimba Edwards Foundation Kenya trip for Jackie Burke. Jackie is the senior office manager at EV Private Equity in Aberdeen, and is going on a life-changing journey to build homes for four families in Karatina, Kenya on the 12th of October.

We have decided to support the charity by funding solar panels to power the newly built homes. We can’t wait to see the impact this will have on the families lives.

“This will be life changing for the families – we can’t wait to show you the impact of your support.” Myles Edwards, Founder of the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

Follow Jackie on LinkedIn for updates from Kenya here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackie-burke-24822430/detail/recent-activity/posts/

Deep Casing Tools is a portfolio company of EV Private Equity.