Deep Casing Tools is proud to collaborate with a diverse network of global partners who share our commitment to innovation and excellence within the oil and gas industry. Together, we are transforming the market with simple, sustainable innovation that is revolutionising global operations across the well life cycle.

Deep Casing Tools Headquarters company logo

Deep Casing Tools Headquarters

A technology development company for the global energy sector, dedicated to delivering time savings, cost efficiencies, and reducing emissions on projects through simple, sustainable innovation.

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ProTorque, a Total Rig Solutions (TRS) company, have proudly served the Oil & Gas industry since 2004. Operating in Canada, and South America ProTorque aims to be an industry leading TRS company that provides quality Total Rig Solutions for Tubular Installation.

Drilling Tools company logo

Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools International is a leading provider of high-quality drilling equipment and services for the energy industry worldwide. Their innovative solutions and reliable tools such as Drill-N-Ream optimise drilling operations, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Magadrill company logo


A service company based in Italy, Magadrill Srl acts as an exclusive agent for drilling, completion, and production equipment for the oil & gas market.

Consolidated Suppliers (UAE)  company logo

Consolidated Suppliers (UAE)

Consolidated Suppliers Est. is a diversified Oilfield Suppliers and Services provider in UAE. They focus on the provision of new innovate solutions that successfully tackle ongoing challenges within the Oil & Gas industries

Best Match Energy  company logo

Best Match Energy

Engineering and technical service to International Oil Operators and International Service Companies in China Identify, promote, and commercialize the worldwide new technologies in upstream oil & gas.

Innovaciones Petroleras Omega  company logo

Innovaciones Petroleras Omega

A dynamic and pioneering company at the forefront of the Oil and Gas industry, InPO have quickly established themselves as a leading force in the exploration, production, and distribution of innovative solutions worldwide.

Omnasup Energy  company logo

Omnasup Energy

Omnasup Energy, an Oil and Gas Servicing Company located established within the West Africa region. Their technical goal focuses on building sustainable business units for Well Completions, Liner Hangers, Well Intervention, Production & Midstream, Inspection and NDT Services in West Africa.

Eftech International  company logo

Eftech International

Established in Malaysia in 2001, Eftech International is a leading provider of Process and Pipeline Services to the domestic and international oil and gas industry.

Paschoalin company logo


Established in 2007 on discovering a gap in the market where companies within the oil and gas industry found it difficult to expand their operations into Brazil. Paschoalin offer companies the opportunity to enter the Brazilian market with personalised services, providing facilities and qualified personnel to work committed to the projects and plans of its customers.

Tasman Oil Tools company logo

Tasman Oil Tools

Tasman specialises in the rental of drilling tools suitable for use in the onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling, coal bed methane and geothermal drilling operations.