Introducing Balanced Energy Solutions: Deep Casing Tools’ Bold Step Towards Sustainability and Innovation

28 August 2023

Deep Casing Tools, a pioneering name within the energy sector, is proud to announce the launch of its new sustainability brand, Balanced Energy Solutions. This exciting development for the company solidifies their commitment to helping global operators reach their net zero targets as we progress to a greener and more sustainable future.

With the world’s growing concern for environmental well-being, Deep Casing Tools recognises the need to continue to innovate and transform traditional practices within the energy sector. The introduction of Balanced Energy Solutions displays the company’s commitment to those investors, consumers and operators how engage with the oil and gas supply chain. By providing cutting-edge solutions that are improving efficiencies through significant time savings, Deep Casing Tools are taking action to help reduce emissions and reach a net zero target.    

Balanced Energy Solutions seeks to redefine the industry landscape by providing optimal time savings, cost efficiencies and a reduction in emissions across both onshore and offshore projects. The brand encompasses Deep Casing Tools suite of innovative technologies ability to address challenges within the energy industry, minimising environmental impact by maximising operational efficiency.

David Stephenson, CEO at Deep Casing Tools said, “We understand that the energy industry plays a vital role in shaping the future of our planet. With the launch of Balanced Energy Solutions, we aim to inspire a new era of collaboration, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Deep Casing Tools continues to display a clear commitment to net zero objectives taking action to help operators reduce emissions on projects, contributing to changing the future of hydrocarbons.”

Deep Casing Tools advanced technologies including the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel, the Rubblizer™ and turbine reamer shoes, the TurboCaser™ and TurboRunner™ continue to make their mark in the industry. Customers of the company have recorded that the use of these tools delivered an average project time saving of at least 3 days, saving approximately 900MT of CO2 emissions on an offshore platform, 210MT of CO2 emissions on an offshore semi-submersible platform and 90MT of CO2 emissions on a land rig. They enable more precise and efficient drilling operations, resulting in a reduction in carbon footprint through increased predictability and efficiency.

Deep Casing Tools invites all stakeholders, industry experts, and sustainability advocates to join them in this transformational journey towards a net zero balance. For more information about Balanced Energy Solutions and how Deep Casing Tools is making positive contributions to a more sustainable energy future, please visit, www.deepcasingtools.com/energy-transition.