Lewis Murray Joins Decommissioning Leadership Group

22 August 2019

In 2018, multi region membership organisation, Decom North Sea formed the Decommissioning Leadership Group (DLG), in order to shape the future of decommissioning. The DLG provides strategic leadership to Decom North Sea’s Board of Directors, leading strategy, agenda and direction.

The group itself comprises of members from industry bodies, academia and private sector, who provide invaluable advice contributing to the development of the decommissioning sector. Members of the DLG are chosen to represent a complete cross section of the sector, enabling the group to think collaboratively, in all parts of expertise. 

Earlier this year, Deep Casing Tools became a member of Decom North Sea. Lewis Murray, Deep Casing Tool’s Global Sales & Operations Manager, was chosen to join the DLG Wells Group to help drive the strategic direction of well decommissioning activity, as well as providing insight to meet the changing needs of the industry.