Meet Ian Mowatt: A Q&A Session with the Newest Member of the Deep Casing Tools Team

16 January 2024

1. Can you share a bit about your background and experience within the oil and gas industry?

“I began my journey in the oil and gas industry in 1991 offshore in the North Sea. In 2002, I relocated to Doha, Middle East where I worked as Operations Manager for a major operator for 8 years. In 2010, I moved to Houston, holding a similar role, and in 2021, I returned to the UK where my daughter started school.

My market experience mainly lies in completions, upper completions in particular. However, I have worked in more unconventional markets in the form of frac sleeves moving onto expandable casing further down the line.

Working globally, within a diverse range of environments and markets has given me valuable experience in managing and understanding not only different cultures but the unique needs of operators. I’m excited to bring this experience to Deep Casing Tools.”

2. What motivated you to join Deep Casing Tools?

“I had worked closely with CEO, David Stephenson in the past for years in the Middle East, I respect his honest and fair style of management, this played a part in my decision to move to Deep Casing Tools. It was however the opportunity to work in a small highly experienced team of professionals that was the key motivator. An environment where decisions can be quickly processed and a family atmosphere is fostered, played a significant role.

Another key motivator would have to be the opportunity to contribute to the operational side of a growing business, coupled with the potential for technological advancements, this made the decision even more compelling.

3. Have you worked in a similar role or industry before?

“Yes, I have a background in operations management spanning 10 years within the Middle East and Houston. My experience extends beyond typical operational management tasks, allowing me to wear multiple hats within the company and assist other team members with various responsibilities.

4. How do you see your role as Operations Manager contributing to the success of Deep Casing Tools?

“My experience with larger operators and a global perspective will be invaluable. As Deep Casing Tools grows, I aim to take on broader responsibilities, such as overseeing headcount and contributing to the setup of additional operational workshops worldwide. These experiences as well as the valuable experience of my colleagues will positively impact the company’s success.”

5. What are your short and long-term goals for your role?

“In the short term, my goal is to contribute to the team’s efforts in growing the business. Looking ahead, I aspire to implement and optimise a comprehensive operational management system, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction in the long term.”

6. Are there specific skills or areas of expertise you’re looking to develop further in this role?

“I am eager to enhance my understanding of the business side, particularly in Profit and Loss (P&L). Having focused on this in a previous role, I enjoyed contributing to business operations and aim to build on this skill at Deep Casing Tools. Additionally, I seek to develop my financial knowledge to better handle budgeting and financial management principles, ensuring efficient cost control and the implementation of cost-saving initiatives without compromising quality.”