Turbine-Powered Reamer Shoe Saves $1 Million in Single Run

27 September 2021

Deep Casing Tools (DCT), technology developer for the global energy sector, successfully deploys third TurboCaser™ to depth through unstable formations, saving United Arab Emirates (UAE) operator $1 million in a single run.

The scope of work, awarded to DCT in June this year, required the running of 9-5/8” production casing from surface to target depth, ensuring all oil zones were isolated and the 13-3/8” shoe was covered by cement. This required the casing to successfully run, traversing several problematic shale sections as well as heterolithic sequences of lithology that can create ledges to hold up casing.

Despite unstable formations that, in the past, have proven problematic, DCT’s 9-5/8” TurboCaser™ turbine powered reamer shoe was selected to successfully ream through cutting beds, ledges or any tight sections of hole to ensure the 9-5/8” casing ran accurately to critical target depth of 14,877ft. 

Key member of the Drilling Technology team commented, “The TurboCaser™ enabled us to ream the casing string to bottom in this deep and deviated well, without the need to rotate from surface. On similar wells previously we would have had to POOH the casing, make a dedicated wiper trip, and then re-run the casing. We’re now considering TurboCaser™ as one of primary mitigation for running the 9-5/8” casing in any upcoming challenging open-hole sections.”

DCT’s TurboCaser™ continues to benefit the energy sector, eliminating wiper trips and open hole exposure time and landing casings and liners to depth first time without the need to rotate, reducing potential risk to equipment. And of course, contributing to the emissions saving agenda as we edge closer to a global net zero target, saving a total of 210MT CO on this project alone.  

Edward Kerr, Sales and Marketing Manager at DCT said, “”At Deep Casing Tools, we solve the challenge of landing casings, liners, and completion strings to target depth, first time, in deep and deviated wells traversing unstable formations. This impressive success in the UAE, a new and exciting growth market for us, builds on the learning from a decade of operations in Saudi Arabia and cements our position as the peerless leader in flow driven reamer shoe technology globally.”