TurboCaser: Revolutionising Casing Operations in Oil and Gas

23 April 2024

Since its development the TurboCaser has had many successful global runs within the oil and gas industry, redefining casing running operations worldwide. Its innovative high-speed, turbine-powered casing running system has consistently delivered exceptional results, enabling drilling teams to successfully navigate through challenging well environments and land casings and intermediate liners at target depth first time. In this blog we reference just a few of many TurboCaser success stories, showcasing its positive impact on projects across the globe:

9-5/8” TurboCaser Reams over 700 ft, Abu Dhabi

In a demanding ERD well offshore in Abu Dhabi, the TurboCaser faced soft, unstable formations and high inclination, posing significant challenges. Prior to the deployment of the TurboCaser the operator encountered multiple setbacks including sidetracks, one lost BHA and stuck pipe events.

The TurboCaser was deployed and facilitated the successful deployment of 9-5/8” casing over 700 ft, achieving target depth in just 33 hours, reducing operational time by 98% and saving the operator $13,700,000. Successful cementing and drill out with a tri-cone bit was achieved in 1.5 hours, underscoring the TurboCaser tool’s reliability and efficiency.  

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9-5/8” TurboCaser Reached Target Depth of 16,690 ft – Middle East

As a follow up to the successful running of a 9-5/8” TurboCaser on an onshore well, major Middle East operator utilised the TurboCaser technology on an ERD well.

Due to formation issues in the original hole, a side track was drilled and the 9-5/8” TurboCaser was deployed and successfully reamed 260 ft in 11 hours, reaching a final planned target depth of 16,690 ft.

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9-5/8” TurboCaser Reams 833 ft in 5 Hours

A national oil company required the field operators to run 9-5/8” production casing from surface to 16,473 ft within one of the longest onshore 12-1/4” hole section. Getting the 9-5/8” casing to planned target depth was critical in supporting the well objective of achieving a final well target depth of 40,000 ft. This required the casing to be successfully run from the 13-3/8” shoe to target formation for setting the 9-5/8” casing. Casing running challenges such as reaming through unstable shales and past ledges were to be expected.

The Deep Casing Tools 9-5/8” TurboCaser™ turbine powered reamer shoe was selected to ream through cutting beds, ledges, or any tight sections of hole to ensure the 9-5/8” casing was run to critical target depth for this ERD well.

A total depth of 833 ft was reamed by the TurboCaser tool. Following the landing of casing at target depth it was cemented as per the program, the plug bumped, and the casing successfully tested. The 9-5/8” Turbocaser was drilled out in 35 minutes using a 8-1/2” PDC bit. Use of the tool prevented the need for pulling casing and performing a clean out trip saving the operator 7 days rig time.

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The TurboCaser tool continues to revolutionise casing operations in the oil and gas industry delivering positive results across diverse well environments. As evidenced by these success stories, its advanced technology and reliability have not only saved operators valuable time and resources but has also enabled the achievement of critical project objectives. With each deployment the TurboCaser reaffirms its position as an indispensable tool for modern drilling operations, promising a future marked by increased productivity and success.