Global Emissions Saved

478,826 240,146.5
49 %

To date Deep Casing Tools have helped operators worldwide save 240,146.5MT CO2 emissions using our simple, sustainable technology.

Well Construction

Well Construction
As wells are becoming deeper and longer, with extended horizontal sections, our customers are finding that wiper trips, open hole exposure, and pressure spikes are all adding up to more flat time, potential equipment damage and unnecessary costs.

Well Completion

Well Completion
Deep Casing Tools offers a number of technologies that have been designed to help deliver efficient, cost effective well completion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through significant project time savings.

Casing Recovery

Casing Recovery
Well abandonment and slot recovery are increasingly important in the oil and gas industry as we transition to net zero – our award-winning Rubblizer™ tool supports sustainable P&A activity.
96 24
75 %

Well Construction

TurboCaser™ requires one quarter of the time to prepare the hole when compared to conventional technology.

3 1
66 %
More efficient

Well Completion

Because the TurboRunner™ can ream through obstructions that other types of technology cannot.

24 days 14 days
70 %

Casing Recovery

The Rubblizer™ enhances casing pulling and helps avoid section milling, saving on average 10 days per well.

Our Track Record

For over a decade, Deep Casing Tools has been helping oil and gas companies drill more successful wells. We’ve developed a range of simple, sustainable and proven technologies that provide a complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle, helping our customers reduce time, cost, risk and emissions.

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